We offer fully inclusive Day Centre, for those needing a safe and joyful environment.

What  we aim to do deliver to our community?


  • To support those who require care or/and supervision during the day at a place of safety, comfort and companionship.
  • To support vulnerable adults in socialising and engaging in a range of activities and/or spending calm, joyful time around others.
  • To support users, carers and family members in order to prolong the person living in their own home or within their local community.
  • To provide those who care for loved ones with physical and/or cognitive needs with a reliable, professional service  and a time for themselves either working or taking a break.

Get in touch and choose from:  

  • All day Attendance with lunch.
  • All day Attendance without lunch.
  • HALF day session with lunch.
  •  HALF day session without lunch.

Additional support with personal care, transfers, support with eating and drinking available (may include extra costs depending on needs).


Day Centre Working hours

Monday – Friday:         9am – 4pm 

Saturday – Sunday :   10am – 3pm

For any other enquires please contact us on 01453 511 9914
– Transport arrangements on request.
– Times of the session may be subject to change depending on needs of the users , their carers and family members.